Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sneak Peak

I just wrote a part in my book and, honestly, i'm in love!! <3 <3 <3

just had to post it, enjoy!

I gasp as I sit up abruptly while I try to process all the information that 'Hecate' gave me. None of it seems to make sense and I keep trying to understand what she's saying. I lie back down and groan in aggravation over my situation, when I hear a light cough from opposite me. "Hello?" I ask tentatively. "Is anyone there?"

A shadow detaches itself from the wall and reaches out a hand to help me up. I accept the hand and feel a spark run up my shoulder and into my heart. As I maintain the contact a feeling of ecstasy overcomes me, as the spark seems to fill connect me to the man opposite me. I feel the surprise he feels as well as my own and the unexpected joy and hope. His positive feelings fuel my own and I grin widely. My grin must give away the fact that I feel the connection too because he grins wider in return.

Once I’m standing he starts to pull away but as soon as his hand leaves mine so does part of the connection and I gasp at the loss. Through the remaining piece of the bond I feel the restraint he is using to not touch me again. I feel his regret as he thinks about leaving and I immediately grip his arm. “No.” I gasp, “Don’t leave!” I know I sound desperate but I can’t help it.

He looks surprised at the fact that I picked up on that but at the moment I don’t care. “I must leave. You know this.” I don’t know how I know this, but I do.
“Will you at least tell me your name?” I say sadly, looking into his deep green eyes and blond hair that just begs me to pull him to me.

“You may call me Malachi.” I nod and test out the name in my head.
“I’m Melayna.” He nods in reply and through the connection I can tell he likes my name. I smile in happiness that he likes it and absently wonder if this is what love at first sight feels like. He smiles at that, almost as if he was thinking something similar. His smile falls as we hear heavy footsteps coming in our direction.

“I regret to leave you, Melayna.” I nod in acceptance, knowing instinctively that it won’t be long until I see him again.
“Until next time, Malachi.” He smiles at me once more before disappearing once again into the shadows. I lean against the wall where Malachi was standing a moment ago and take a deep breath to compose myself.

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