Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Philosophical Thought of the Day

Writing is like climbing mount everest, but in many ways harder. It's not something physical that you can push yourself and practice on. Climbing mount everest doesn't feel like you are revealing part of your soul to every single person who watches or hears about your climb. Writing is, and you also have to balance the line between not copying something else that someone else did and feeling confident in your own idea's enough that you feel confident to show someone. Writing means that you have to keep going, even when it's so easy to give up. There is no end in sight, no-one who can accompany you on your work, and no amount of training can prepare you. You have to balance your time, make sure it's not too long or too short. You have to make sure you have a story line and you also have to accommodate to your audience.

Climbing mount everest is a test of physical endurance, but writing is part of my soul, my genetic makeup. It's hard to let that out and share something so personal with people I don't even know. There is no end in sight, and only the strong will make it. It is survival of the fittest, and our doubts place the weight of the world and anybody around us' problems on our backs. It stresses us out more and makes us overreact to things we normally wouldn't. It can mean that we are in a constant dreamland, can make it hard to have relationships with others, and can make you really sensitive. This is the price of writing, and I have accepted it and I want to do it. But it can in no way compare to climbing mount everest (although I am much happier sitting at my keyboard wrapped up in a blanket than I am on a freezing cold, steep mountain.)

Has anyone died by writing??

Well, that's my philosophical thought for the day :P
g'night and have a nice day :D

Kat x

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