Friday, July 20, 2012

By The Eye and the Lucky 7

Yeah, so hi.

BTE is my newest idea, and as much as I want to give away the whole plot from beginning to end (which I SO want to do) I'm not gonna.

I can't say anything, 'coz it's top secret, but I looked at that luck seven thing, you know? and so I'm gonna do the challenge. But I have my own challenge for you. What do you think my books going to be about from looking at the title??

Have a guess :)

Lucky 7

So here's the rules:
Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript
Go to line 7
Copy down the next 7 lines/sentences exactly as they are
Well, I haven't got t 7 pages with BTE yet, and I'm pretty sure I've posted the 7th page of EOTW (End of the World) so that leaves Maylie and Me, which no one knows about MWAHAHAHAH!!

So here goes. The 7 page from the 7th line to the 14th. Here you go peeps :)

I feel the subconscious need to comfort my wife flee for it’s life. I feel the hardening of my heart take a step closer to completion and the small part of me that was unaffected clenched in fear of what complete hardening would do to me. I felt this reaction but was so far gone that it didn’t make a dent. I don’t care.
 I slowly float back to my body and as I do I hear my wife’s distressed whimper and my daughter’s cry of despair and rejection. I know both are caused by me. I freeze when I realise that this decision could impact the hardening of my heart.
Kat x

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