Monday, July 2, 2012

First Post *yay me*

Hey all,

not really expecting anyone to read this but maybe one day, if I ever publish, people will want to read it. Either that or people read it now and then later when i've published they'll be like 'oh yeah, i was pro-her since, like, the beginning! It's always good to have support, even if you don't know who it's from ;)

So, the other day I started my umpteenth book (probably the furthest i've ever gotten is with this one - 16 pages *grin* ). So here's a brief blurb that i wrote just this minute.

While we proceed with the normal activities of our daily lives we always know in the back of our mind that there is tomorrow. They say do as if you'll die tomorrow and dream as if you'll live forever. What would you do if life had a time limit? Callie has just had a time limit put on her life - 12 hours to go - and to top it off she's stuck in a room with a group of peers she doesn't know.

I don't know if that blurb will stick, it's so rough! I basically got the idea from school when there was a lockdown drill, and i was like: what would happen if you were under lockdown and were then told that you only had a couple hours to live.

There are 21 characters in the room, Callie included, and it's written in first person. The prologue is a note that she writes when they are going to die, and i understand that it's kinda unrealistic that they die exactly on the dot of 12 hours but...hey! this is my imagination and i'm gonna let it run wild! :P

Well, that's me for tonight. I really don't know how much to post, like i don't want to put my whole book on the web if ya know what i mean, and i'm so new to this but, oh well!!!

Night :)
reader_writer (my alias. real smooth huh *wink wink nudge nudge*)

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