Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Writing Update

Heyya everyone and no one who reads this blog ;)

I've got a big party coming up for my little brother so writing's kinda been put on the back-burner for the moment, sadly. I've spent tons of time going through old family movies from when we were 2 and 3 and we were so adorable, I want to eat us up. Sadly, we grew...

Well, writings going well, I guess. In the spare hour I had I wrote 2 pages, which is quite a lot, i guess. I have an average of 475 words a page at the moment, so that's like 900 words in an hour, which is pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

The hardest thing for me is editing. Idea's come to me really easy so but once I have an idea I don't want to change or edit what i've done. and THEN i hit a block and get so frustrated that I stop writing until I get another idea and start the process again. 2 full chapters and a prologue so far -- the most i've ever done, and i'm proud.

You know, I think I'll throw a party when I hit 50 pages... or maybe 20,000 words, whichever comes first. I'm currently on 8,408 words and i'm about half way down my 18th page so feel free to guess which will come first ;)

Well, since I have free time and I am obviously stalling by writing this kinda pointless blog since no one will read it and I don't want anyone that I know to read it but it's fun anyway.  I'm also planning to be like some of my favourite authors: Shelly Crane and Nicole MacDonald to name a few, and write a blog so if I ever become famous people can read my blog!

I really don't know how often you're supposed to blog, but we'll see how i go!

Just for everyone, a song that I think could have something to do with my song, it's the first song on my EOTW playlist, soon to have a different name *grin*

have a great night/morning...depending on where you are in the world :P

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